My very first post


Ah, there’s something quite nerve wrecking about publishing your first blog post, isn’t there? Well, technically this is far from my first blog post, I’ve blogged for years, but it is the first post on this blog – and that counts for something, right?

There are many things I need in my life. Another blog is not on of those things. But here I am – starting up this blog with all the dreams and hopes for it that I’ve had for every other blog in my life.

But this blog is going to be different, more mature. And more international, if you will. You see, I’m from Denmark originally (yes, that’s the tiny country sitting north of Germany), but I’ve just made the big move across the pond and I now live in Los Angeles.

So in addition to my Danish blog, Wanderings, I wanted this personal space to promote myself to the American market, but also to share many of my projects in business, arts and writing.

10 random facts about me

Cycling to Paris

Let me give you 10 random facts about me, so that you can get to know me a bit better:

1 – I’m a college dropout and feel absolutely no shame about it. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and I thrive when I get to choose my own learning curve.

2 – I’ve just started writing a novel that I’ve had in my head for years now. I’m 6,372 words in and it’s a rough process

3 – I cycled across seven countries in Europe with my boyfriend three summers ago on the bikes you can see in the photo above. It took us three months and we went from Copenhagen in Denmark to Rome.

4 – I was an extremely tall child. Luckily for me I stopped growing at 10 years old and 5’7″.

5 – I’ve been location independent since 2013 and spent more than a year living around the world and working from my computer.

6 – Besides my friends and family, one of the things I miss most about Denmark is the black, salty licorice …

7 – I’m down 30 lbs since moving to Los Angeles in February of this year. People always say America will make you fat – well it’s been the other way around for me.

8 – I’ve designed the theme this blog runs on from scratch. It was always my dream to put out my own WordPress theme.

9 – I think spiders are the scariest creature on earth, and find myself freaking out over the smallest spider and not as much when I see a snake.

10 – I’m a very sensitive and sentimental person. I can bawl my eyes out looking at old photos. I love that I get smarter every year, but I still find it immensely sad that time goes by …

That’s it from me today, guys! Welcome to my blog. 

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