This city ... <3

This city … <3

So … I have a confession to make. This might make you want to close down this blog right away, but please hear me out. I’m a huge Kardashian fan. There, I said it. I even pay $3 a month to gain full access to Kim’s app (and Khloe’s … Ahem). Talk about being a fan girl.

But listen, I enjoy it and it doesn’t harm anybody. So! Kim does this segment on her app that she calls “Currently”. I really like that segment and I’ve decided to rip her off and do it on this blog too.

It’s pretty simple, so here we go:


The fact that some of my old clothes fit me again after losing 30 lbs.


That some of my clothes are now too loose – who’s going to send me some money for shopping?


Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – no regrets.


an over-sized tee and panties. Home is where the pants aren’t.

Listening to

Kamelot – One Cold Winter’s Night album. I will never get enough.


Sopranos – amazing HBO series about the life of the mafia in New Jersey.


Everything by Jojo Moyes. Can’t get enough of her writing since I finished Me Before You.


A larger vocabulary in English (and some fries, who am I kidding!?)


Lets get some dinner gif

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