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The Bingo Theory review

It came out of nowhere. Along with the sudden urge to type out the novel I’ve had in my head for years, I couldn’t resist picking up every book on my way that sounded interesting. I’ve read more in the past two weeks than I’ve read in years.

At the moment I don’t feel like slowing down. I’m still waiting for someone to invent a pill that will give you 8 hours of sleep in just 1 hour. I need more hours in the day to read all my books.

So with all the stories I’m currently consuming I thought I’d write a few words about them on this very blog – and in the future I can do some more book reviews (it’s funny to think I’m excited to do them in my sparetime – I used to hate doing book reviews in school. Oh well.)

Allow me to introduce you to one of the books I’ve read these past few weeks. I’ve mostly been reading women’s fiction, but in this post I’ll tell you about the only non-fiction I’ve read lately.

The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn

Do you know Mimi Ikonn? She’s pretty big on YouTube (check out her channel here), is a very accomplished entrepreneur and business woman, but also an inspiration to lots of men and women because of her outlook on life.

I stumbled upon her on a podcast some time ago, and I’ve been following her and her amazing husband Alex’ journey ever since. I feel like Mimi and Alex are the perfect example of what I want from life. Their businesses, the way the conduct them, how the enjoy life, how they travel … I want that.

I’ve tried to work really hard (the traditional way) and felt terrible. I’ve also traveled the world for more than a year, and felt terrible as well. It’s such an inspiration to see a couple pairing work and travel so perfectly as Mimi and Alex does.

If you want to learn more about these two beautiful humans (and you should), I really recommend checking out Mimi’s interview on London Real here. Also check out Alex’ interview which is equally amazing here.

Mimi has been working on a book for a long time, and it’s finally out. Of course I had to get it, and instead of just buying the eBook (which I normally do) I actually got the real book because I loved the cover so much and wanted to have it on my very limited book shelf at home.

The Bingo Theory review

This dedication left me all teary eyed – oh the feels!

This is not a love novel. It’s something really different. According to the cover it’s a revolutionary guide to love, life and relationships. I think the video Mimi did on the book when it launched describes perfectly what it’s about.

Mimi has this theory. She calls it The Bingo Theory, because it’s about how you can become a bingo – you know, the perfect combination you’re striving to get when playing the game Bingo.

Being a bingo – according to Mimi – means to balance your feminine and masculine energies perfectly. By doing so you become a better human, more prone to succes in life and in your relationships. You also become somebody other people look up to. Mimi even argues that some of the most beloved people of our history was bingos.

This isn’t your average self-help book. It’s much more. Even if some people might not agree with Mimis choice of “feminine” and “masculine” to explain the different energies she talks about (I entered a stupid discussion below her video about this … Oh dear, never go there), there’s still a lot for everybody to learn and think about, even if they are so PC that they can’t get over the words “feminine” and “masculine”.

In the book Mimi starts by talking about the four different types of people there are: feminine-strength female, feminine-strength male, masculine-strength female and masculine-strength male. Her theory is that we all have one energy that is dominant, and the work lies in understanding and using your other energy to even out the dominant one and becoming a bingo.

Then Mimi talks about how to use this knowledge when you’re dating (I only skimmed this part since I’ve been in a happy relationship for almost eight years now!), and in an existing relationship. She finishes the book by talking about how to use it in your career and business life.

Feminine or masculine strength

The Bingo Theory review

The book does get quite a few harsh words from reviewers on Amazon, which doesn’t really surprise me since people do have strong feelings about this type of book. Many can’t get over the use and descriptions of “feminine” and “masculine” energies – they think they’re demeaning and implying that women generally are weak or that it it’s a feminine thing to be weak and not ambitious (which Mimi describes as a masculine strength).

I think all of these people refuses to understand what Mimi means – even though she actually writes it out pretty clearly. In chapter 3 Mimi talks about owning your strength, and she even writes out pretty clearly: “The feminine energy is not weak” as a headline. Does it get any clearer?

It’s a shame that some people just won’t accept this. She even writes over and over that your strength energy doesn’t have anything to do with your gender. And being a feminine strength male doesn’t make you any less of a man.

I think it’s ironic how this is pissing off so many people, mainly because their reaction comes from a place of seeing the feminine strengths as “weak” and the masculine strengths as “more right” in a sense. How ironic it is …

Something I don’t understand is why being a great, loving mother who puts aside her own career to be there for her kids (feminine strengths) is somehow not as “right” or “cool” as being a very career driven, hard working and ambitious person (masculine strengths).

I think what we all need to agree on is that we just do what’s right for ourselves and stop judging people who has other values than us. And stop viewing the “feminine strengths”, as Mimi calls them, as weak or not as good as the strengths she calls masculine.

How I can use this book

The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn

As a writer, I found this book extremely interesting and usable for my own character development. One thing I’m struggling with the most while writing this first draft of my novel, is how the characters are all too similar and somehow take the voice of myself too much.

I really need to go more into each character and make sure they have their own personality. And with the knowledge from The Bingo Theory I feel like I can develop deeper characters and better understand how they will react in certain situation and also how they will interact with each other. I’m so excited to give them more depth and thus making them more interesting and easier to fall in love with.

Personally, I can use this book to work on my feminine strengths, which I think I’ve neglected a bit. I do have lots of feminine interests, such as makeup and girly fashion, but again – feminine strengths are not about your gender.

Also, now when I talk to my friends and family I do find myself thinking whether they’re feminine or masculine strength individuals. It’s quite fun, and it does give me a better understanding of people and how we all work.

I’ve always seen our differences as “values”, instead of feminine and masculine energies, but I find Mimi’s theory very similar to my thoughts on values. Where Mimi’s theory differs is the talk about how to become a “bingo” – the perfect blend of both energies, whereas I’ve always thought that I couldn’t change my own values. So that part really left me with a lot of food for thought.

Final thoughts

I’ve given The Bingo Theory 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon as well as on Goodreads. I’ve learned a lot reading it, and I think Mimi did a really great job of describing her theory and put a lot of interesting thoughts in the reader’s head. Also, it’s just beautiful. I adore the cover and the illustrations in the book, the font is so sharp and a joy to read, and I just really like the formatting. That means a lot to me.

Where it’s not 100% there for me is because I feel it’s a bit too “simple”. I’m sure Mimi has a lot more thoughts on this subject that she couldn’t fit into the book, and I know you have to stop somewhere when deciding what to include and what not to include, but as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) there were lots of things that I didn’t see myself in and had trouble applying to my own life.

I know that we’re all very different, and some of have other traits or issues than being just feminine or masculine strength people. So that is where I felt like The Bingo Theory lacked a bit of insight.

But I learned a lot, and the theory has really helped me in a lot of ways, so I would definitely recommend it to everybody – even the macho-est of guys, you could really learn a lot about yourself and your partner by reading this.

Thank you Mimi for sharing your ideas. I hope to read much more from you in the future. Well done on publishing your very own book – it’s beautiful and interesting.

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